dr. janet miller - Registered Psychologist - Calgary, Alberta
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Dr. Janet Miller is a counselling psychologist with expertise in mental health and personal development. In addition to 19+ years at Mount Royal University (as a Counsellor, past Chair of Student Counselling Services, and Full Professor), Janet is an Adjunct Professor with the University of Calgary, a certified trainer with the Centre for Suicide Prevention (ASIST Workshop), and she has a small private practice in the heart of Calgary. 

Dr. Miller is an enthusiastic key note speaker and is a regular member of CTV2's Health Panel on Alberta Primetime.  Please feel free to contact Janet directly to inquire about possible public speaking engagements.
Dr. Miller's counselling practice is based on the belief that personal therapy can enhance our happiness, skill development, life-satisfaction and overall well-being.  She focuses her work on the "whole self", and draws from existential, cognitive and emotion-centered practices to help people develop greater self-awareness, reach their goals, work through times of distress and cope with the demands of life.  Topics that may bring a person to seek counselling services include:
  • depression
  • stress overload
  • burnout and resiliency
  • grief and loss
  • relationship issues
  • worry and anxiety
  • a desire to increase "balance"
  • a desire for greater satisfaction
  • self esteem
To inquire about booking an appointment,
please e-mail: janet.miller@hotmail.com
Dr. Miller is also profiled on: www.psychologist-find.ca
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